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Photo Challenge #331

Longshore is one of Westport’s crown jewels.

The golf course looks great. The Inn sits handsomely — if under-utilizedly — on a prime piece of Sound-side property.

But plopped in between the 1st tee and the Inn sits a forlorn little traffic island.

That was last week’s Photo Challenge. Al Fiore, Andrew Colabella, Brandon Malin and John Richers all recognized it. Click here for Bob Weingarten’s photo — unless you’d prefer not to be depressed.

This week’s challenge is even more neglected. I can’t imagine the last time anyone bought a paper from this rusted-out kiosk.

As for the $1 price: USA Today raised it to $2.

In 2013.

If you know where in Westport you’d see this sorry sight, click Comments below.

(Photo/Dan Woog)

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