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What’s New In The Romance Department? And Susan Wexler’s Life?

In February, I posted a story about Susan Wexler. The Westporter had just launched “What’s New in the Romance Department?,” a multimedia celebration of true stories of love and romance. She (and contributors) share real stories from all stages of life, in multiple genres including animated videos.

There’s a reason the “06880” tagline is “where Westport meets the world” — and Susan’s story proves it. She writes:

“Jack Canfield, author of the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul series, likes to mentor and support projects that appeal to him.

“He is currently writing a book about living life with love, instead of fear. Thanks to the ‘06880’ post, his people found me on Google.

Susan Wexler

Once a year Jack invites 17 people to his home in Santa Barbara, California for a retreat. He offers advice on taking their work to the next level. This year, I was invited!

“Because of COVID, it had to be virtual. But it was still great — so helpful!

“Also, Jack interviewed me for a TV show he hosts in California.

“And … in 6 weeks he is sending a tweet to his 1,100,000 followers about my blog.

“He also highly recommends that I turn the blog into a book — and he offered to give me a testimonial.

“Thanks to Jack’s support, I am on a trajectory that I never dreamed of before!”

Good things happen to great people. Meanwhile — despite all these head-spinning events — Susan keeps looking for great stories.

If you have an incident, anecdote or OMG moment of your romantic life to share, email If you need assistance with writing, please ask her. She’s happy to help,

Just the way Jack Canfield helped her.


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