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Photo Challenge #118

Westporters love Compo Beach.

We love its boardwalk, marina, playground, pavilion, seawall and its outdoor showers.

When “06880” readers saw Lynn U. Miller’s photo challenge last week — a smiley face drawn in concrete (click here to see)– they were pretty sure it was taken at the beach.

But they guessed every place above. And every guess was wrong.

Finally — 9 hours — Nancy Hunter nailed it, on her final try:

The cannons.

The face can be seen at the base of the cannons, facing the water. Lynn says it’s been there a while.

But it took almost an entire day for Westporters to get the correct answer.

And the one who got it lives a continent away, in British Columbia.

This week’s challenge seems obvious. The postcard says it right there: Main Street, Saugatuck.

(Postcard courtesy of Seth Schachter)

Wait! There’s no “Main Street” in Saugatuck!

But the postcard is correct. If you can identify the scene above, click “Comments” below.

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