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Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #57

Robert Eckman’s photo last Sunday was a Goldilocks challenge: not too easy, not too hard. Just right.

After a number of plausible (but wrong) guesses — the library, Patagonia, Compo Beach, police station — 3 alert readers zeroed in on the red-brick design: the old Saugatuck post office. Today it’s Westport Auction.

Congrats to William F. Dohme Jr., Bobbie Herman and Beth Orlan Berkowitz. Click here to see the photo that they figured out. Then scroll down for comments.

This week’s photo challenge comes from Fred Cantor:

If you know where in Westport this is, click “Comments” below.

We’ll give you one hint: It’s not the New York Public Library.


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