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Staples’ Big Challenge

All year long, Staples plowed through opponents.  And not just on the soccer field, baseball diamond and volleyball court.

The high school’s “Challenge” team — 4 whiz kids who answer rapid-fire questions about every subject imaginable on MSG Varsity — are fresh off their latest manhandling.  Tonight (Tuesday, June 8, 6:30 p.m., Cablevision channel 14) they face their stiffest rival yet:  Greens Farms Academy.

It’s a classic battle:  large public institution vs. small private school.  They never meet in athletic competition, so this is the only chance to watch the 2 in head-to-head competition.

And it’s the Connecticut finals.

The winner advances to the regional finals on Sunday, June 20 (4 p.m.).  One thing is for certain:  A Westport school will be there.

Clockwise from left: Staples students Alex Nitkin, Matt Greenberg, Jordan Ratner and Meghan Prior cheered on their Challenge team.

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