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Cobb’s Mill Inn: The Saga Continues

The waterfall still flows. Mallards swim serenely nearby. From the outside, Cobb’s Mill Inn looks like it has for decades.

Inside though, the scene is different.

Closed by lawyers since 2016 — barely 48 hours after owner Drew Friedman died — Weston’s only full-service restaurant/event venue has undergone more than 7 years of legal wrangling.

Laura Friedman — Drew’s widow — says she’s the heir, and rightful owner. But the property was sold — illegally, she claims, and for far less than it’s worth.

During continuing litigation, Laura says, the new owners have shut off electricity and water.

I visited Cobb’s Mill on Saturday. Laura and Tony Villano, the former owner of Il Villano in Westport who is helping her in her fight to regain the property, showed me around.

Furniture from an estate sale fills the Cobb’s Mill dining room …

The chilly day was made colder by the lack of heat. Furniture stored from an estate sale filled every room.

… and near the fireplace …

But despite dust and disuse, the bar and fireplace looked like they had, during Cobb’s Mill Inn’s long heyday.

… and the bar. (All photos/Dan Woog)

And outside, 2 ducks paddled near the ever-flowing waterfall.

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