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Westport Madness: Let The Brackets Begin!

March Madness has begun.

For the next 3 weeks, America will watch 64 teams whittle down to 32, 16, an Elite 8, a Final 4, and then — at last — the NCAA Division I men’s basketball champion.

Billions of dollars will be wagered. Far less will be won.

But why root for Kansas, Duke or UConn (or Grand Canyon, Northern Kentucky or Vermont) when you can cheer for Compo Beach, Gold’s or the Remarkable Book Shop?

Welcome to “06880”‘s first-ever “Westport Madness.”

The goal is simple: find the most quintessential thing in our town.

And you — our readers — are the ones who will do it.

I came up with 16 pairings (unlike March Madness, there are no seedings). My trusty sidekick — Staples High School sophomore Luca Caniato — created the graphics, and a voting system that’s even more secure than Dominion.

Click on or hover over to enlarge.

To vote, just click here. Then scroll down for each match-up. (Don’t forget to click “Submit” at the end!)

Each round of voting lasts 48 hours. Winners, and an updated bracket, will be posted soon after voting ends.

So look over each bracket. Select the “most Westport” choice for each. Click here to vote.

Let the games begin!

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