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Unsung Heroes #267

Today’s Unsung Heroes are … hundreds of you.

Since Monday morning, “06880” readers have responded to a plea to help rebuild Westport’s newest sister city: Lyman, Ukraine.

For many years after World War II, our town sent aid — money, clothes, blankets, Christmas gifts — to Marigny-le-Louzon, France.

They never forgot. And now that the Normandy village is thriving, they’re joining us in an effort to help another devastated, overlooked place on our planet.

Working with Ukraine Aid International — a non-profit founded by Westporters Brian and Marshall Mayer —  we’re raising $250,000.

By Christmas.

That will provide building supplies for 150 ruined homes that need roofs, windows and other reconstruction. It will give generators to all those houses too. Plus a water filtration system for Lyman.

Thanks to UAI’s partner on the ground, Alex21 for Ukraine, it can all be delivered within 3 days.

This was once a family’s home in Lyman…

Notice that I said above “we’re raising $250,000.” I didn’t say “trying to…” In our first 2 days, we raised over $85,000.

Westport: We will do this.

But we need your help. Just click here. Click the “I want to support” box; then select “Support for the City of Lyman.” Scroll down on that page for other tax-deductible donation options (mail, wire transfer and Venmo). You can also donate directly, via Stripe (click here). 

if every man, woman and child in Westport donates $10, we’ll get beyond that $250,000 mark. If you can afford it, please contribute for those who can’t.

Join our list of Unsung Heroes.

It began more than 75 years ago, in Marigny, France. Now Lyman, Ukraine needs a new set of heroes.

Thank you!

… and this was once a school.


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