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Save The Date! “06880” Blog Party Is July 21

If you’re reading this, you’re part of the great “06880” online community.

Which means you’re invited to our 9th annual “blog party.”

The date is Thursday, July 21. We’ll gather at 6 p.m. at Compo Beach — specifically, alcohol-is-okay South Beach, by the trees (the opposite end from the cannons).

Bring your own food, beverages (no glass bottles, though!), beach chairs and blankets.

The first 8 years were great successes*. They were true community gatherings– chances to meet and mingle with the diverse “06880” community (both online and real). It’s fun, un-fancy, and free!

This year’s blog party will be better than ever.

I can’t give away any secrets, though. You’ll just have to show up, and see for yourself.

*Except for the rainout. And the heat.

Patti and Doug Brill and friends say: “Come to the blog party””

NOTE: The “06880” blog party is free. But we rely entirely on donations to keep writing (and partying.) Please click here to help!

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