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Friday Flashback #296

As Westporters wait for the final announcement that Elvira’s Deli has been saved — it’s coming soon! — and at the same time gnash our teeth over the stuck-in-zoning-infraction-limbo large residential construction that replaced Positano’s/ Cafe de la Plage across the street — we keep hearing references to “Allen’s.”

From 1890 through the 1990s, Captain Walter Allen’s clam house on Sherwood Mill Pond — a few yards from the long-lived market — was one of our town’s go-to restaurants. It was the perfect place for shellfish, seafood, and killer water views, while celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and anything else.

Allen’s Clam House, in the 1940s.

A list of Westporters who had their first dates there would be a window on town history.

Westport artist Hardie Gramatky painted this view of the Mill Pond, from the back of Allen’s Clam House

Today, Allen’s is the site of the town-owned Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve. With natural grasses and plants, a wide variety of wildlife, a kayak launch — and the same killer views — it’s a wonderful use of the property.

Aerial view of Allen’s Clam House. (Photo courtesy of Dave Stalling)

But it sure was nice to have it — and Positano’s — as a pair of waterfront restaurants for all those years.

Rear view of Allen’s, on the Mill Pond. (Photo/Matt Murray)

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