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“06880” Podcast: David Pogue

There might be someone in Westport who does more interesting things, meets more interesting people, has his hand in more projects, and reaches a wider audience, than David Pogue.

But I haven’t met him or her.

As a “CBS Sunday Morning” correspondent — “explainer,” he calls it — he covers any topic worth delving into, from cryptocurrency to how Ukrainians use technology in wartime.

He’s also been a PBS “Nova” star (that’s a pun he might make). He’s written about technology for the New York Times, Scientific American, Yahoo, and in more “Missing Manual” books than even he can count.

And that doesn’t count his decade as a Broadway conductor.

Hard to believe we covered all that — plus what brought him to Westport, and what keeps him here — in our 30-minute conversation at the Library. But that’s part of the Pogue magic. (He’s a magician too. No fooling.)

Click below for our podcast, courtesy of the Westport Library’s Verso Studios. It’s almost as good as “CBS Sunday Morning.”

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