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Alan Goldberg: A Dentist With Hands Of Stone

Alan Goldberg his lived in Westport since 1971. He’s been a dentist in Stratford all those years.

Four years ago — then 73 years old — he found a new way to work with his hands: sculpture.

Finding the story within a stone fascinated him. He studied the craft, traveled Italy, and found a studio in Trumbull where he could work.

Alan Goldberg sculpting in Pietrasanta, Italy.

But it was isolating. His schedule changed, and sculpting there became less convenient.

Goldberg thought of building a studio in his Westport home. Then he heard about the New Canaan Sculpture Group.

Housed in the bottom floor of a carriage house at Waveny Park — the 300 acres of fields, trails, ponds and a “castle” just off Merritt Parkway Exit 37 — it was the perfect spot.

He’s surrounded by other sculptors. Some work in stone; others in wood, clay or ceramics. All encourage each other.

There is room to sculpt outdoors, in good weather. The top floor of the carriage house is an art gallery, where they show their creations.

The carriage house at Waveny Park.

The cost is reasonable: $1,000 for 6 months. It includes access to a mentor, an experienced sculptor who spends 4 hours every Friday with the artists.

Goldberg has his own key. He comes and goes whenever he wants.

Sculpting — specifically, with the New Canaan group — has changed his life.

“I like that this really slows you down,” he says. “You can’t rush the process. I may have an idea, but the stone shows me where I’m going. It’s very tactile. And I love the finished product.”

“Fierce Like You” (Alan Goldberg)

He’s created torsos — both realistic and abstract — and just finished an African warrior mask. Goldberg’s favorite piece so far started out as a shofar. Suddenly, he saw a camel’s head, and merged the two.

He wants more Westporters to know about the New Canaan Sculpture Group. There’s room for more members, he says; any level of expertise is welcome.

Alan Goldberg has found his passion.

And his people.

To learn more about the New Canaan Sculpture Group, contactWendy Swain by email ( or phone (203-260-9155). The Instagram is: New_Canaan_Sculpture_Group.

“La Donna (The Woman)” (Alan Goldberg)

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