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A Very Moving Picture

Movies have always been part of Jonathan Moor and Taylor Franchi’s lives.

Growing up, he worked at Bowtie Cinemas just across the Norwalk line. Before they met, she went to movies by herself. As a couple, that’s one of their favorite activities.

Last night — to celebrate Taylor’s upcoming birthday — Jonathan took her to Bowtie. The movie was “Uncharted.”

They picked up their popcorn and drinks, and settled in. During the last trailer, Jonathan left for a couple of minutes.

When he returned — holding flowers — another video was playing. This one was all about them.

Taylor Franchi and Jonathan Moor, from the video.

To the soundtrack of James Arthur’s “Say You Won’t Let Go” — a song they heard on their first date, and which includes the line “I want to live with you” — photos of Jonathan and Taylor’s time together filled the screen.

At the end it showed four simple words: “Will you marry me?”

The final scene of the video.

Jonathan had planned his proposal perfectly. He’d enlisted the help of the Bowtie managers, who he knew from his time working there. They made sure no one else was in the theater. They kept the flowers Jonathan brought over earlier.

And of course, Jonathan created his video with love and care.

Taylor was stunned. She cried.

And then she said: “Yes!”

It was a scene right out of the movies.

(Hat tip: Jake Sussman)

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