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Today, “06880” introduces a new feature. “Kvetch of the Week” –the flip side of our popular “Unsung Hero of the Week” — is a chance to shine a light on little things that gnaw at us.

It’s a chance to bitch kvetch, sure. But perhaps the spotlight will make at least a few of us realize that we’re all in this — this community, this world — together.

Today, concerned Westporter Carl Addison Swanson writes:

My 80+ neighbor is afraid to check her mailbox on North Avenue for fear of being hit by a speeding vehicle.

Twice, I have tried to get some kind of “blinking lights” at the 4 schools that sit on North Avenue.

My first attempt was forwarded to the police chief. He said that we “do not use traffic lights to control traffic,” and that the “little green men” (cones sitting downtown and on Riverside Avenue) are too expensive.

Cross Highway and North Avenue, near 4 of Westport’s 8 schools. It’s every man, woman and child for him or herself.

My second attempt got the attention of an RTM member and state senator.  They put up large signs between Staples High and Bedford Middle School, and at Coleytown Middle and Elementary Schools, at the beginning of this school year.

That worked well for 2 weeks. Then they were taken away.

North Avenue has become a commuter escape route to Southport, Fairfield, Easton and Weston. Too many cars drive too fast.

While there are crossing guards at school opening and closing hours, anyone taking a walk, running or biking is at peril. So are students walking home after extracurricular activities.

A California outfit will sell the town 8 sets of blinking lights mandating a 5 mph zone, for $32,000. I think our kids and residents deserve that investment, so our civic-minded resident — here since 1969 — can check her mail in peace.

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