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Photo Challenge #366

Last Sunday’s Photo Challenge drew a ton of responses — way more than I figured, on the day after Christmas. Was everyone stuck indoors, quarantining?

Bob Weingarten’s photo showed a walkway of engraved stones (click here to see). Most readers quickly thought: The Riverwalk, between the Westport Library and Saugatuck River.

Good guess. But wrong.

For one thing, as Rindy Higgins noted: “too easy” to be there.

For another, most of those memorial bricks have eroded, making them difficult to read.

For a third: Look closely. The stones all honor dogs. Many include paw prints.

And, as Bill Strittmatter — who obviously enlarged the photo, to read every brick —  said, one read “Riggins Loves Earth Animal.”

That’s right The photo shows the entrance to Earth Animal, the pet supply store on Post Road East, next to

A hearty “good boy!” to the readers who barked up the right tree for this one: Andrew Colabella, Robin Jaffee Frank, Bill Strittmatter, Jane Dally, Shirlee Gordon, Elaine Marino, Lynn Wilson, J. Scott Broder, Beth Krane, Betty Walker, Lauren Sussman and Cheryl Elliot.

This week’s Photo Challenge shows a plaque of some sort. It reads “JCGA Official Fire Station,” with some names underneath.

(Photo/Carl Addison Swanson)

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.



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