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0*6*Art*Art*0 — Week 88 Gallery

From soup to … well, not nuts exactly, but other flavorful stuff.

This week’s online art gallery spans the late autumn and early winter/holiday seasons. As usual, works by “06880” readers continue to delight and inspire.

That’s the idea of our this feature. Whatever your age and level of experience — professional or amateur, young or old — this feature is open to everyone. In every medium.

All genres and styles are encouraged. Watercolors, oils, charcoal, pen-and-ink, acrylics, lithographs, macramé, jewelry, sculpture, decoupage and needlepoint — whatever you’ve got, email it to Share your work with the world.

“Autumn Soup” (Ellen Wentworth)

“Joy” (Ellin Spadone)

“First Light on Wet Sand” (Michael Tomashefsky)

“Big Snow New England” acrylic on canvas (Herm Freeman)

Untitled (Allegra Bockhaus, age 14)

“Aging” (karen Weingarten)

“Setting up Shop for Christmas” (Lawrence Weisman)

“Until Next Year” (June Rose Whittaker


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