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Hank The Tank

Since summer, a Mercedes sedan was parked on Myrtle Avenue, in the closest spot to the front exit from Town Hall.

It’s been there ever since.

Alert Westporters wondered what’s up. Dust settled on the car. Street cleaners swept around it, giving it a distinctive border.

Summer turned into fall. Leaves turned and fell. Frost arrived.

Still the car sat there.

The car, last summer. (Photo/Michael Moore)

We may now have an answer — of sorts.

A two-page letter has been taped to the rear window.

“Congratulations,” it begins. “you are now standing next to Hank the Tank.”

The note tells the story of the car — nicknamed, clearly, “Hank the Tank.”

It belonged to a mother who chauffeured her daughter to school and sports.

When the teenage girl inherited the car, it went to the dump and Dunkin’ Donuts. the beach and concerts. It got a speeding ticket on North Avenue.

It carried the driver’s many friends on every road in Westport. Lots of their stuff still sits in Hank the Tank.

Page 1 of the letter …

The girl who drove the car has moved on to college, the letter explains. But “saying goodbye to Hank the Tank is difficult,” the letter continues. “Some people have a harder time letting go than others.”

… and page 2.

But, the note concludes, Hank the Tank will soon be gone.

it will be less of a bother than it is, taking up a Myrtle Avenue parking space for many months.

It will continue to be useful, however.

Hank the Tank is being donated to the Westport Fire Department. It will be used for drills and education.

There’s always a story behind the story. Thanks, Hank the Tank, for sharing yours. (Hat tip: Svea Vocke)

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