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Unsung Hero #210

Stephanie Mastocciolo writes:

My 13-year-old daughter attended the Staples High School football game last Friday night with a group of friends. It was her first time attending such a large fun community event on her own. She looked forward to being with her friends, while supporting our awesome team.

Unfortunately, near the end of the game she lost her wallet, with $15 cash. She  only noticed as her carpool ride was picking her up.

I was at home waiting for her when my phone rang. A young voice proceeded to ask if I had lost my wallet at the game. I quickly texted my daughter to ask her, since I was unaware.

The young voice said there was a business card with this phone number, and they hoped to find the wallet’s owner. My daughter has a small dog sitting service called  “Bianca’s Buddies,” and her business card has my cell phone.

I didn’t get the name of the young adult who was kind enough to say they would leave the wallet hidden at the scoreboard. But I want to commend this young individual for reaching out and trying to find the rightful owner.

When my daughter and I went to retrieve it, everything was inside — including the $15 cash. Thank you, kind young Westporter, for doing the right thing — and for taking a moment out of your Friday night to show us that good deeds and trustworthy individuals still exist.

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