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Unsung Heroes #208

Tracy Porosoff writes:

I arrived at the Westport post office early the other day. They don’t open until 9, but Lou saw me standing beyond the metal gates. He opened them for me, and waved me inside to Rosie’s counter.

I was there to mail a birthday package to a friend in Idaho. I put the box on Rosie’s scale, and she calculated different options. I settled on the cheapest: $17.76 for ground delivery. It would take at least a week to arrive. I told Rosie it seemed expensive.

“Try Priority,” she suggested, and left her spot behind the counter to get the box for me. I asked if she thought my items would fit. She taped up the new box, opened my existing package, and helped me carefully place the items inside the smaller one.

“But what about the stickers?” I asked, pointing to the decorations I had attached to the original box.

“Here.” She tenderly removed the tape from the box that had the stickers attached and transferred them to the new box.

Rosie typed a few things into her computer, then said, “Now it will cost less money and get there faster.”

Wow — that was service!

I was amazed. And grateful. For all of the jibes about workers “going postal” and civil servants being apathetic clock punchers, this experience proved the contrary. And I even got out of there before the official 9 a.m. open!

Thank you, Rosie and Lou, for caring enough to go the extra mile for your patrons, and for taking care of our stuff.

Rosie has worked at the Westport branch as long as I have lived here. I truly appreciate her kindness, knowledge and sticker transferring skills.

Lou and Rosie. (Photo/Tracy Porosoff)

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