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Photo Challenge #346

If you’ve ever spent time as a commuter — parking in the eastbound lot, or standing on the platform scanning for your ride when you come back from New York — you’ve probably noticed the large statue of a Buckingham Palace guard, standing watch just inside the gate of a home across Ferry Lane.

Brandon Malin is not a commuter. But the June Staples High School graduate knows his Photo Challenges.

He was the first to answer correctly last week. The University of Michigan-bound reader wrote: “You can see it going toward the river from Route 136 (so going west). Must be an interesting back story!”

Alas, no one filled in that story. We’d love to hear it!

Brandon’s response was followed by John Richers, Matthew Levine (who added “the owner enjoys collecting life-size statues”), Andrew Colabella, Jonathan McClure, Karen Como, Iain Bruce, Pat Saviano (who remembers a red English-style phone booth there too), Linda Vita Velez, Clark Thiemann, Mary Ann Batsell and Claire Elliot.

Not all of them are commuters either. But — like so many “06880” readers — they are a very observant bunch.

Are they — and you — observant enough to know what this week’s Photo Challenge shows?

If so, click “Comments” below.

(Photo collage/Kevin Carroll)

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