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Westport Opens Up

Alert “06880” reader — and longtime Westport observer — Tom Lowrie is intrigued by open spaces.

There’s a lot more of it here than we realize.

The other day, Tom did a deep dive into untouched territory.

Here’s an index he found. It’s accurate as of December 28, 2020. (It’s also about as random as can be.)

As Westport “opens up” after the pandemic, it’s good to know there are places to go without even a whiff of indoor fear.

Haskins Preserve – an underappreciated town jewel. (Photo/Krista Gelev)

The guide also helps the 672 newcomers who have moved here during COVID. One of the driving forces to leave Manhattan and Brookyn is a desire for more space.

Recent arrivals, oldtimers, ex-pats: We’d love to hear your thoughts. What’s your favorite open space? Any surprises on the list? Any that have been missed? Any you’ve never heard of?

Click “Comments’ below. Then we’ll see you — out and about.

Town of Westport

The view from Grace Salmon Park (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Machamux Park — one of the oldest sites in what is now Westport. (Photo by Fred Cantor)

State of Connecticut

Shewood Island State Park: 232 acres of prime real estate, right here in Westport.

Connecticut Audubon Society

Aspetuck Land Trust

Taylortown Marsh, near Kings Highway North and Wilton Road in downtown Westport. (Photo/Ed Simek)



Willowbrook cemetery – with the remnants of Daffodil Mile.

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