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Roundup: Postal Service, Parks & Rec Programs, More

A reader warns:

“Don’t put checks or anything important — such as your absentee ballot — in your mailbox.

“Although many people pay bills online or by phone, checks are still being mailed as gifts. Bring them directly to the post office.

“A card containing a check, which I put in my mailbox around noon, was stolen out of the mailbox before the mailman arrived. By the end of that day the thief removed the ink from the check, changing the payee’s name and the amount of the check to thousands of dollars more than the original.

“Fortunately my bank contacted me, the funds were restored, and the checking account frozen. I was told that this crime is occurring often in other towns as well.

“Since the current election is so heated, it probably isn’t safe to put the absentee ballot in our home mailboxes.”

Safer than your own mailbox.

Westport’s Parks and Recreation Department has extended its fall programs — and added more sessions through the end of November. The goal is to keep folks active, and outside, as long as possible.

Programs include Keep Kickin’ Soccer, IST Multi-Sports, adult tennis clinics (see below), Wakeman Town Farm, ice skating, and others that are virtual.

Click here for program information. Click here to register.

Speaking of Parks & Rec: Last weekend they sponsored a tennis tournament for 16 women in their Advanced Beginner class. All had great fun — and look forward to continuing. They’ll form small groups, and play outdoors as long as they can.

Interested in joining? Call Dave Kardas (203-520-9815), Alex Walsh (203-644-8779) or Gabriella Gatto (203-803-8472).

Participants at the Town Farm courts.

And finally … the latest rock star to die is Spencer Davis. He was 81.

He was not the lead singer for the group — that was 16-year-old Stevie Winwood — but Davis played rhythm guitar and helped form the band. It was named after him because he did not mind doing interviews — allowing the other musicians to sleep more.

The Spencer Davis Group had several big hits. This one epitomizes them — and their role in rock ‘n’ roll.

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