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jUNe Day Is Busting Out All Over (Online)

This weekend, flags from dozens of nations will fly on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge.

It’s Westport’s traditional welcome to hundreds of United Nations diplomats, staff and their families.

(Photo/Jeff Simon)

But that’s the only part of this year’s celebration that will be traditional.

For 55 years, the last Saturday in June has been the date for Westport to host the world. Guests arrive at the train station. After breakfast at Saugatuck Elementary School and a couple of (thankfully) brief speeches, they fan out around town with hosts.

They shop, swim, play golf and soccer, tour Earthplace, eat — you know, just a typical day here.

The pandemic — literally, a “worldwide epidemic” — made the 56th annual jUNe Day an in-person unreality.

But the UN is all about problem-solving. So is the UN Association of Southwest Connecticut.

So tomorrow (Saturday, June 27, 7 to 8 p.m.), jUNe Day goes virtual.

The Zoom affair includes greetings from the Secretary General, Senators Murphy and Blumenthal, Congressman Himes and 1st Selectman Marpe.

Then the fun begins. There’s an interactive quiz, with international, UN and Connecticut questions

Famed actor/Weston resident Jim Naughton — a longtime UN advocate — researched, wrote and delivers a compelling case for international engagement.

Westport’s Sylvia Corrigan and 2020 Weston High graduate Morno Burns-Min sing “We Are the World.”

Broadway and opera star Kelli O’Hara of Westport riffs, and ’20 Staples grad Charlie Fitzpatrick describes how his UN Association senior internship prepared him for life.

There’s something for everyone. And the UNASWCT hosts — who worked as hard on the Zoom meeting as they did organizing the previous 55 events — hope the entire town takes part.

Click here to join the fun. And click on the video below, to see just what jUNe Day means to some of the many longtime volunteers.

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