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Happy Easter!

As the sun rose this morning, Westporters celebrated Easter in the new COVID-19 world. Church doors were closed — but the spirit was strong, here and across the globe.

Saugatuck Congregational Church services were canceled. But Rev. Alison Patton was live on Facebook, as morning broke at Compo Beach. The beach and full service are both available at (Photo/Craig D.B. Patton)

Totney Benson spent a quiet moment at home on Compo Hill, overlooking Old Mill. (Photo/Rick Benson)

Meanwhile, at the bottom of Compo Hill, Joey’s by the Shore — featuring Elvira Mae’s coffee bar, whose opening has been delayed by the virus — offered this welcome message to all. (Photo/Matt Murray)

Not far away, another view. (Photo/Karen Como)

Bedford Middle School special education teacher Marianne Santiago was a college art major. Every year she decorates Easter eggs. This year, there’s a special theme. (Photo/Jim Honeycutt)


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