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Senior Center Offers Online Classes

When the Senior Center closed earlier this month, the impact was felt by hundreds of Westporters.

But Senior Center staffers are as resourceful and resilient as the men and women who flocked there every day.

Over 30 programs are available — online, via Zoom — for the spring quarter. The list includes yoga, tai chi, qigong, essentrics, low and high impact exercise classes, French language, current events, religion and studio art.

Spring classes begin this Wednesday (April 1).  Scroll down for the complete list of offerings. (It’s formatted poorly — but that’s the best I could do. Sorry!)

All that’s needed to take an online class is a computer, email address and access to the internet. To register, seniors (age 60 and over) should call 203-341-5099 weekdays, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (That’s the number for questions too.)

The Senior Center is closed. But classes are offered online.

A few writing classes have already begun online. Participants were thrilled to see their classmates — and begin writing again.

In addition, the Senior Center created a YouTube channel, with links to free videos in a variety of subjects.

They’ll post a weekly documentary film on the channel, along with some of their free classes.

The most popular — the aerobic chair class — is on it too.

Click here for the link YouTube channel. After opening the page, you can subscribe to the YouTube channel by clicking the red button on the upper right.

Senior Center director Sue Pfister adds this message:

My staff and I are doing our best to keep seniors mentally and spiritually stimulated, physically challenged and engaged during these unprecedented times.

I’m so impressed with everyone’s willingness to jump on board virtually, and make the best out of this otherwise frightening time. I know if we continue to be creative, flexible and open-minded we will get through this and come out wiser, stronger, more compassionate and more appreciative of our community.

Stay home, stay safe.  I miss you all terribly.

Bringing the Outdoors In Thurs. 1:00 pm. Chris Goldbach 4/2-6/25 $48
Still Life Thurs. 4:00 pm. Chris Goldbach 4/2-6/25 $48
Drawing Flowers Fri. 10:00 am. Dick Rauh 5/22-6/26 $24
Blending Pastels Fri. 10:00 am. Lisa Arnold 4/3-5/15 $28
Advanced Drawing & Watercolor Tues. 10:00 am. Tom Scippa 4/7-6/30 $52
Current Events Fri. 12:45 pm. Lila Wells 4/3-5/22 free
Book Talk: Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion Mon 10:30 am. Part 1 Linda Bruce 4/6-5/11 $24
Book Talk: Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion Mon 10:30 am. Part 2 Linda Bruce 5/18-6/15 $24
Writers Workshop Tues 9:30  FULL Jan Bassin 4/7-6/30 $96
Writers Workshop Tues 1:30  FULL Jan Bassin 4/7-6/30 $96
Writers Workshop Wed. 10:30 am. FULL Jan Bassin 4/1-6/24 $96
Writers Workshop Thurs 9:30 am. FULL Jan Bassin 4/2-6/25 $96
Writers Workshop Thurs 1:30 pm. Jan Bassin 4/2-6/25 $96
Learn to Play the Ukulele Tues. 1:00 pm. Uncle Zac 4/7-6/30 $52
Intermediate French Wed. 1:00 pm. Nell Mednick 4/1-6/24 $52
Conversational French Wed. 10:30 am. Nell Mednick 4/1-6/24 $52
Essentrics Mon. 11:00 am. Dyan DeCastro 4/6-6/29 $48
Zumba Gold Wed. 10:30 am. Karen Liss 4/1-6/24 $52
Tai Chi Beginner’s Wed. 10:00 am. Mari Lewis 4/1-6/24 $52
Tai Chi Reinforcement Mon. 10:45 am. Mari Lewis 4/6-6/29 $48


Guided Qigong Mon. 2:10 pm Deby Goldenberg 4/6-6/29 $48
Cardio Strength Fri. 9:30 am. Shelley Moll 4/3-6/26 $52
Weights in Motion Mon. 9:30 am. Shelley Moll 4/6-6/29 $48
Dance & Stretch Tues. 1:00 PM. Sandy Adamcyzk 4/7-6/30 $48
Dance & Stretch Wed. 1:00 PM. Sandy Adamcyzk 4/1-6/24 $48
Strength Training Mon. 1:00 pm Sandy Adamcyzk 4/6-6/22 $36
Strength Training Fri. 10:00 am Sandy Adamcyzk 4/3-6/26 $44
Yoga Total Health Mon. 8:45 am. Denise O’Hearn 4/6-6/29 $48
Yoga Total Health Wed. 8:45 am. Denise O’Hearn 4/1-6/24 $52
Yoga Total Health Fri. 8:45 am. Denise O’Hearn 4/3-6/26 $52
Yoga/Core Strength Sat. 10:00 am. Maria Vailakis-Wippick 4/4-6/27 $52
Yoga Gentle Sat 11:15 am Maria Vailakis-Wippick 4/4-6/27 $52
Yoga Beginning Thurs. 3:00 pm. Maria Vailakis-Wippick 4/2-6/25 $52
Yoga Wellbeing Tues 7:45 am. Paula Schooler 4/7-6/30 $52
Yoga for Wellness Sat 8:45 am. Paula Schooler 4/4-6/27 $52
Yoga for Brain Longevity Thurs. Noon Paula Schooler 4/2-6/25 $52
Therapeutic Yoga Thurs. 7:45 am. Paula Schooler 4/2-6/25 $52
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