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Introducing “0*6*Art*Art*0”

Westport really is an arts community.

Yesterday I tossed out an idea: In these perilous times, let’s share art. I promised to post some of what I got every Saturday.

I wrote:

It doesn’t matter how old (or young) you are. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a brush, crayon or camera in your life. You don’t have to be an experienced painter, sketcher or collagist. You can work together, or with your family or anyone else you’re self-isolating with

All you need is an idea and a way to express it. Serenity, love, calm, separation, friends, solitude, fear, hope — whatever you’re thinking or feeling, get to work!

Artwork flooded in. It was broad, beautiful and imaginative.

Uh oh. Much of it was also created before (remember those days?) the pandemic hit.

My idea was to get folks — amateurs and professional, of all ages — making art, of all types. I guess some people just skimmed the story.

I’d love to showcase all the art I got. Right now, I’m limiting it to work that was specifically created during this crisis, or that shows powerfully some of the effects these days are having on us.

Here’s the first batch. Enjoy this virtual gallery.

Keep the submissions coming (based on the criteria above). And if yours is not posted today, be patient. There will be more next Saturday, and every week after until there’s no more art. As if.

PS: Thanks, Stacie Curran, for the great suggestion to call this new feature “0*6*Art*Art*0”!

Haiku, by Westport poet laureate Diane Lowman

“Find Your Beach” (Max Szostak, 17 years old)

Robbie Sumberg

Chalk art by Kassia Stedman, 8, and Avery Stedman, 6

A bra makes an impromptu face mask (Amy Schneider)

Alex Drexler couldn’t sleep. He took his dog on a 5-mile walk. The sunrise helped.

The new Merritt Parkway rush hour (Paul Delano)

Lonely boy (Finley LaPick)

Brenda Giegerich

“Heads Above Water” (Heidi Palmer)

Long Lots Elementary School student Ben Kuster spent the week decorating t-shirts

Mara Barth

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