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Fingers Crossed For Tonight’s Blog Party

Thunderstorms are forecast for today and tonight. Hey — we’ve got our 7th annual “06880” blog party, starting at 6 p.m.!

We’re still set for South Beach — the alcohol-is-fine-except-no-glass-bottles end, furthest from the cannons. Unless, of course, there’s rain and lightning then.

If it rains earlier, we’ll clear off the tables and benches. (If you’ve got an extra folding table, please bring one!) If it rains during the event, we’ll open umbrellas – or scatter.

This is a bring-your-own-food-and-beverages event. If you’d like to bring something extra to share, feel free!

We provide the “06880” community — a chance to meet commenters and lurkers. Each year there are oldtimers, newcomers, politicians and normal human beings. It’s a chance to talk, laugh and trade stories about this wild, wacky and only slightly dysfunctional town we share and love.

See you tonight!

We hope.

We’ll be just to the left of this jetty (near the boat and kayak launch). Without the car, though. And probably without the blue skies. (Photo/Linda Gramatky Smith)

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