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Thanksgiving Hosts Sought For International Students

The United Nations Association helps Americans understand the vital role that organization plays around the globe.

There are chapters all over the country. We’re close to UN headquarters, so the Southwest Connecticut affiliate is particularly active and important.

But they do a lot more than organize and promote jUNe Day. And their work extends beyond UN delegates and staffers.

For more than 50 Thanksgivings, the UNA-SWCT has hosted international students living in New York City. The aim is for them to celebrate a traditional American holiday — one they may be unfamiliar with, and unable to enjoy because everyone they know in this country is off with their own families and friends.

Westport families have volunteered. But there are tons of international young people in New York, so there is plenty of room for more.

Students take the train to Westport. Hosts pick them up at the station, and return them there after lunch or dinner.

If you’re interested in hosting — or have questions — call Joan Haas: 203-454-7685.

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