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Norwalk Hospital Seeks Memories, Memorabilia

No one alive today remembers a time without Norwalk Hospital.

Founded 125 years ago, it’s been an integral part of the birth, life and death of countless area residents.

Norwalk Hospital then …

Now — in honor of its quasquicentennial — the hospital hopes people remember what it’s meant to them.

They invite community members, staff and retirees to share memories and photos of Norwalk Hospital over the years. They’ll be displayed on its website, and posted on social media. Click here to complete the form.

They’re also gathering historical items — memorabilia, photos, newspaper clippings, etc. — for display in the hospital archives. Email for more information.

Be creative! Though I’m sure they’re not looking for your old hospital bracelet.

Or your tonsils or appendix.

… and now.

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