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Coming This Summer: Higher Beach Prices, Fewer Cars

It’s official.

Yesterday morning, the Board of Selectman approved several changes recommended by Parks and Recreation. Fee increases will pay for $200,000 worth of maintenance, supervision and a full-time police officer. The new charges — and increased personnel — may ease some of the overcrowding and complaints that arose last summer.

Beach stickers will now cost $50 for residents — up from $40 last year. The senior and handicapped fee goes from $20 to $25. The non-resident price rises from $490 to $775.

Weston residents — who occupy a middle ground between Westporters and non-residents — will now pay $375 (up from $25o). Weston seniors’ stickers are now $200, a $65 increase.

Daily parking increases too: It’s up from $40 to $50 weekdays, and from $50 to $65 on weekends. Only 100 daily passes will be sold this summer — and purchasers will have a special parking area.

In addition, this year 350 beach stickers will be sold to non-residents. Last year’s cap was 600.

Fee changes may ease some of the crowding at Compo Beach.


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