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School Days Stuff Sought

If there’s one thing that connects every Westporter, it’s education.

Some of us went to school here. Others have kids in school now. All of us pay taxes to support our schools.

Next month, the Westport Historical Society opens an exhibit called “Westport School Days: 1703-Present.” It examines public and private schools — and through the centuries, there have been a lot more than anyone realizes.

The Cross Highway District School (above) was built in 1858.

It sounds very cool. But it won’t happen without our help.

The WHS needs photos. Buildings, class photos, teachers events — anything that shows the wide range of “education” through the years.

The Historical Society also wants school memorabilia: banners, decals, logowear, invitations to events, report cards, lunch boxes, whatever. If there’s a Westport schools connection, they want to see it.

Items can be dropped off at the WHS, across from Town Hall. Photos (JPEGs or scans) can be sent to Please provide as many details — names, dates, etc. — as possible.

The Historical Society also plans tours of Adams Academy on North Morningside Drive. Built in 1830 as the Greens Farms Congregational Church School, it was sold to Ebenezer Banks Adams 7 years later. He operated a private school, preparing students for college. Later, the one-room building was called the East Long Lots District School.

If you remember going to school there, the WHS would really like to hear from you.

So would the Guinness Book of World Records.

Adams Academy has stood on North Morningside for nearly 200 years.

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