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“06880” Asks: Where’s Your Summer Place?

Day in and day out, “06880” posts photos of iconic Westport scenes. The beach, Longshore, the Duck, Saugatuck Sweets — these are places Westporters love.

I know, because I hear from many readers. And not all of them live in Westport.

In fact, about 1/3 of “06880” readers no longer live here (some never did). So let’s turn the tables, and see where your favorite place is. Wherever you are.

This request is only for non-Westport residents. Pick a place you love, in the town or city where you now live. (No “vacation spots” or former homes, please.) We want to see the Westport equivalent of your current hometown.

Take a photo sometime this weekend. (Current summer shots only!) Send 1 or 2 images — not more — to, by Sunday night. Tell us a little bit about your shot(s). We’ll post a collection next week.

The “06880” tagline is “Where Westport meets the world.” It’s time all of us saw your world too.

If I had to pick a shot, this might be mine.

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