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4 Good Guys, 1 Good Deed

Over 400 Staples High School seniors have completed their internships. For the past 4 weeks they’ve worked at non-profits, in offices and on farms. They’ve served customers and clients, discovered a bit about the real world, and learned something about themselves.

Nearly every employer has a story about his or her Staples intern. EJ Zebro wants the entire “06880” community to hear about his.

Actually, the owner of Train Away Pain — the downtown Westport preventive sports injury and lifestyle practice — had 4 interns this year.

After a long morning, the quartet — Jack Zeldes, Josh Willis, Jack Griffin and Sam Arciola — headed out to lunch.

They spotted a patient — a woman recovering from spinal surgery — holding a cane and struggling. She’d been driven to her session, but was unsure how she’d get home.

No one told them what to do. On their own, the interns offered her a ride.

It was a wonderful gesture. The woman was so thrilled that when they dropped her off, she insisted they take a photo together.

It’s a little thing, sure. But, Zebro says, “Little things like that happen every year in the Staples internship program year after year. And it’s the little things that give me great hope for the future of this community.”

A grateful Westporter, surrounded by Staples interns (from left) Jack Griffin, Josh Willis, Jack Zeldes and Sam Arciola.

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