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Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #75

Westport has more tunnels than anyone realizes.

Some are well-known. Others are obscure. A few are hidden in plain sight.

Among the last group is the Saugatuck River passage at the back of Parker Harding Plaza. It’s on the right (east) side of Gorham Island as you paddle upriver. (It’s not always navigable. Check the tides!)

Richard Stein was the only “06880” reader to nail last week’s photo challenge. He’s good!

Incorrect guesses for Seth Schachter’s image included the nearby Ruth Steinkraus Cohen bridge (where the flags fly); Post Road West to Nash’s Pond; Sherwood Mill Pond to Sherwood Island; Sasco Creek to Southport Beach, and 2 pedestrian tunnels (some readers thought the water came from floods); Main Street to Parker Harding Plaza (transformed last year by Miggs Burroughs’ lenticular photos), and the Saugatuck train station. To see last week’s photo and all the guesses, click here

It’s on to this week’s challenge. As always, click “Comments” if you think you know where in Westport you’d see this:

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