A Lovely Bloomin’ Metric Lesson

To some Westporters, yesterday’s Bloomin’ Metric bike tour was a chance for a great ride along a beautiful route.

For some drivers, it meant inconvenient delays as they shared the roads with cyclists.

For Joyce Bottone, it was a heart-warming — and teachable — event. She writes:

When I went to hang out with my 90-year-old mom (Paulette Weibel) yesterday, I found her sitting at the end of her Bayberry Lane driveway, cheering on the cyclists.

That’s when I realized, once again, how revealing and real my mom truly is. She’s part of a dying, lost generation.

Having lived here my whole life, I’ve seen the world change. I would be the first to complain about the large groups of cyclists riding 3 wide, slowing down my day.

But my mom — if she were still driving — would drive slowly behind, not too close, until a suitable time emerged and she had ample room to pass.

But she doesn’t drive. So instead she cheered everyone on.

In return they all seemed truly thankful, and wished her a nice day. How nice to see that compassion for others still exists.


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