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UPDATE — Rare Footage Of Westport’s 1912 Train Wreck

UPDATE: Katherine Motes Bennewitz sent along these fascinating links to newspaper accounts of the event:


There is absolutely no connection with this story to any current event, locally or nationally.

But it’s a fascinating look into Westport’s past nonetheless.

Indefatigable “06880” reader/historian Mary Gai unearthed newsreel footage of the worst train wreck in our history.

On October 3, 1912, the New York, New Haven & Hartford’s “Springfield Express” derailed near Davenport Avenue, just west of the train station.

The engineer failed to slow down. The steam locomotive derailed — followed by a baggage car, mail car, 4 parlor cars, 3 coaches, and a smoking car.

Wood splintered; glass smashed — and soon the air was filled with shrieks and cries.

Seven people died, and 50 were injured.

Here is a short video of the aftermath of that crash:

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