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Mike Kulich Pulls His Plug

At the risk of over-exposing Mike Kulich — the 2004 Staples High School graduate who runs one of the world’s 100 most visited websites — here we come.

Kulich’s site refuses to serve any computer with a North Carolina IP address. He says those blank screens will stay in place until the Tar Heel State repeals a bill that is takes away rights for the LGBT community.

Mike Kulich said his website believes in equality for everyone.

XHamster’s new pro-LGBT rights logo.

That website is XHamster. The list of options proves Kulich is right. There is something for everyone.

Everyone searching for porn, that is.

The Staples grad is not the first person refusing to do business in North Carolina. Bruce Springsteen canceled last Sunday’s concert in Greensboro, to protest the law.

That got a lot of publicity. But nothing has changed.

Kulich thinks his move can help.

“Porn has the power to do what Bruce Springsteen can’t,” he says.

(I’m not the only media outlet covering this story. It was #1 on Reddit this morning. To read the Washington Post‘s take, click here. Hat tip: Dick Lowenstein)

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