Behind The Scenes: Donald Trump’s Westport Fundraiser

Donald Trump trumpets the fact that his presidential campaign is “self-funded.”

Like almost everything else the narcissistic, xenophobic and quite possibly psychopathic front-runner says, that’s false.

Last night, “the Donald” came to Westport for a small — and very private — fundraising event. The sponsors — a local couple well-known in Republican circles — kept a tight lid on publicity. There were security concerns, as well as privacy issues for the attendees.

Approximately 40 people paid $2,700 each for the chance to eat hors d’oeuvres, drink, hear Trump talk, and be photographed with him.

Donald Trump, at last night’s Westport fundraiser.

Thanks to long-standing friendships with the couple, I was allowed to attend. There were several conditions, including no reporting of the location or names of donors, and no note-taking or written description of his remarks on “06880.”

(The names of donors will of course become public later.)

I was, however, allowed to make a 30-second video of Trump’s opening statement. I could also take photos (of the candidate only).

Normally, I would not agree to those conditions. However, because it’s such an important local event — and because I was afforded the opportunity to meet the man who may (despite my genuine terror) become the next leader of the free world — I agreed.

I must say that in person, Trump is a bit more appealing than he appears on TV. His tone last night was respectful, and he did not say anything truly incendiary. (Also, his hair is less orange than I expected. And his fingers are really not that small.)

It was an unexpected opportunity, and one I am happy to talk about in person. (If you see me — ask!)

Meanwhile, click here for that 30-second video I was allowed to make. His comments about Westport are classic Trump.

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