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BonJo To Go

First it was Cocoa Michelle. Then — just over a year ago — it became BonJo.

Next up: Winfield Italian Deli.

A sign in the window says the coffee bar across from the train station will be sold to the popular Norwalk outlet no later than the “end month.”

The BonJovians say they focus their energy on their wholesale business. They’ll keep their Stamford shop.

BonJo did a brisk morning business with commuters. The staff was friendly, and knew their regulars’ orders.

Winfield Deli will continue serve BonJo coffee — and the chocolates that reminded customers of Cocoa Michelle.

And — not that it means anything — but they’ve got a distinctive red awning on Winfield Street in Norwalk too.

BonJo, on Railroad Place.

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