It’s one thing to read on “06880” that Eversource is using helicopters with high-res cameras to inspect transmission lines, looking for problems like lightning strikes and corrosion.

It’s another thing entirely to actually see one hovering outside your window.

An alert — and frightened — “06880” reader writes:

That was right outside my front door, near Hillspoint Road. It was so loud and low. It really scared me, since I thought it would crash. It would have been nice if the residents were alerted.

Consider this your alert.

Meanwhile, does anyone know anything about the helicopters that regularly fly over town, usually at 7 a.m. and 10:30 p.m.? I’ve always thought they belonged to some very wealthy Westporter, commuting to and from work.

If you know anything more — or, even better, if you’re That Guy — click “Comments” below.

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