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Wondrous Weekend

This weekend has been many things: scary, snowy, white, bright and beautiful.

It also brought out the best in “06880” photographers.

All around town, you’ve been capturing amazing images of this very lovely town.

Here are a few final shots. (Click on or hover over to enlarge.)

Light at the end of the storm. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

We think of John Kantor as the sailing school guy. But he loves Longshore in all kinds of weather, as this photo clearly shows. (Photo/John Kantor)

Not far from Longshore, Saugatuck Shores’ Canal Beach looked equally lovely. (Photo/Gene Borio)

Enjoying the water of Saugatuck Shores…

…and one lone guy in the air. (Photos/Gene Borio)

Red sky at night: good news, right? (Photo/Michael Baltierra)

A colorful nighttime view of the Post Road, looking east. (Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

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