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David Pogue Says, Basically: Have A Great Life

Last year, David Pogue offered his millions of fans “the basics”: tips and shortcuts about technology that some of us use every day. Others are gob-smacked by them.

None of us know everything. For every person with no clue that pressing any button on the side or top of a phone instantly stops it from ringing (duh!), there’s another who is amazed to learn that double-clicking any word is the best way to highlight it (whoa!).

That book — Pogue’s Basics: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) For Simplifying the Technology in Your Life — sold so well that his publisher gave him a contract for 2 more.

The Westport-based tech writer (Yahoo, New York Times, Scientific American) and TV correspondent (“CBS News Sunday Morning,” PBS “Nova Science Now”) has just published the follow-up: Pogue’s Basics: Life/Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) For Simplifying Your Life.

Why expand from technology to life?

“I went for low-hanging fruit,” Pogue admits. “I’m a shortcut person. I know a lot about things like health and restaurants.”

And cars. In Basics: Life, you’ll learn how to find which side of your rental car the gas tank is on. Just look at the gas-pump icon on the dashboard. A little triangle points to the left or right. Wow!

Food, too. Wrapping a cucumber or lettuce in a paper towel, then placing it in a plastic bag in a refrigerator keeps it from getting soft and gross. Holy mackerel!

As for cleaning a microwave of caked-on, exploded food: Put a bowl half-full of water inside. Turn it on high for 5 minutes; wipe with a paper towel. Who knew?

Pogue crowd-sourced these tips through Twitter. Several dozen folks contributed ideas. There is wisdom in crowds. But no one is wiser at passing them along than David Pogue.

So what will his next book be?

Well, he has 3 kids. Perhaps essential tips to raising teenagers that no one bothered to tell you.

That could be his best seller ever.

(To buy Pogue’s Basics: Life on Amazon, click here.)

David Pogue passed along some favorite tips at a recent TED Talk.

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