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Just A Minute, Man!

In September, “06880” passed along a press release from the selectman’s office. Starting immediately, the Minuteman would be delivered directly to the driveways of people who previously requested the newspaper, rather than via US mail.

Happily, the delivery folks would travel the same route 3 days after tossing it, picking up all papers not already “retrieved by subscribers.”

There was even a number to call for removal from the mailing list: 866-361-9064.

Calls (of course!) “may be monitored or recorded, for quality assurance.”

Well, the Minuteman’s quality assurance department should cover a lot more than phone calls.

I got 2 emails on the same day this week, both complaining about continuing Minuteman hassles.

One said:

We always liked getting the Minuteman, but when they switched to driveway delivery we called to get taken off the list. I really don’t like having a “kick me” sign in the driveway.

It came anyway. We called again to get taken off the list, and waited to see if the paper got picked up. By Day 6 it still hadn’t, and today another one was delivered. So we’ve called again.

Is this experience of the Minuteman not following their promise to the town widespread?

The 2nd email echoed a similar complaint: The subscriber had asked to be taken off the delivery list. Nothing happened.

So: Are these 2 just isolated cases? Or is the Minuteman’s customer service a continuing issue, 5 weeks after the original promise? Click “Comments” below.

Or write a letter to the Minuteman editor: 1175 Post Road East, Westport, CT 06880.




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