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The Clothes Off Your Back

Westporters have a complex relationship with clothes. We dress pretty casually — wearing shorts to even the nicest restaurants, for instance — but we also fill our closets with some very expensive stuff.

But what happens to those elegant (and pricey) outfits that — after they’ve been worn once for a special occasion — are posted to Facebook or Instagram, and can never be seen again?

What about fabulous 4th-season designer outerwear when the owners become snowbirds?

Think of all those great i-banker suits, ties and accessories when you stop commuting, and start working from home (or at least Starbucks).

And we’ve all got outfits that looked great in the store but have hung in our homes for years, because meh.

People have dropped off all those items — slightly used/gently worn suits, dresses, pants, jackets, blouses, sweaters, gowns, coats, scarves, shoes, jewelry, handbags and hats — at the Westport Woman’s Club.

On Friday and Saturday, October 2-3 (9 a.m.-3 p.m., 44 Imperial Avenue), they’re on sale at a giant Clothing and Accessories Tag Sale and Boutique.

It’s a huge fundraiser for an organization that funds many important programs, in Westport and surrounding towns.

And a great opportunity to find something nice to wear the next time you go out to dinner.

Besides shorts.

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