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Crowd-Sourcing Commuter Traffic

A new “06880” reader named Bill writes:

I came across your blog by googling “Merritt construction delays.”  I’m researching this because my family and I are thinking of moving from Exit 27 to Exit 42, off Tupelo Road.

My fear is that my commute to Tarrytown will go from 20 minutes, to 50 minutes or more.

But is this simply a product of the construction process and barricades? Or has traffic always been this bad from Westport to Exit 28? I hope that traffic won’t be this bad after this construction ends. Or is that just wishful thinking?

Any other suggestions, like a back road such as Route 7? Or maybe US1 (not a back road, but better than sitting in traffic)? Thank you!

I told Bill I am not the expert on this. One of the joys of my life is that my commute takes 5 steps (from my bedroom to my home office).

“06880” readers, on the other hand, are true experts. So, in the spirit of helping Bill — and anyone else wondering about commuter traffic — please click “Comments,” and offer insights and ideas. As always, use full, real names.

An “06880” reader fears this is what he’ll face every day.

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