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Cockenoe Stone Wall Challenge

Recent “06880” posts on Cockenoe Island — 1950s-era photos from Bill Whitbeck, and a south-side shot by JP Vellotti — have proven popular with readers. The island a mile off Compo Beach has a long, enduring hold on Westporters.

Bill sends along another image, from the summer of 1969. It’s of a friend (and fellow Big Top worker) named Leslie. Today, he hopes it will answer a question he’s had for decades.

Bill writes:

 If you can get past looking at Leslie you’ll see a stone wall, maybe 15 feet tall, the remains of some type of structure. There is mortar between the rocks, so it is definitely manmade.

At that time, very few people explored that side of the island. It was a difficult trek over a rocky shore strewn with large boulders. I remember hiking completely around the island a couple times, and it took a good part of the day.

I’ve always wondered about that wall. Who built it? How long ago? Was it part of a complete structure at one time? Is it still there?

If any “06880” readers know anything about this mystery wall, I’d be anxious to hear about it. If anyone ever hikes the south side, see if any part of the wall remains. If I remember correctly it was located near the middle of the southern shoreline, and was easily visible from the shore 40 years ago.

“06880” readers: That’s your late-summer assignment. Please click “Comments” if you can shed any light on the stone wall.

And Leslie, if you’re out there: What’s up with you these days?

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