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Lighting It Up On Main Street

To some, the Main Street improvement project is moving slower than Main Street traffic.

Eversource is the cause: making improvements to their underground vaults and wiring, while contractors lay underground electrical conduits to power new street lights.

But the 1st lampposts were installed this week, and they are definitely worth the wait.

They’re street scale — not highway scale, like the current high-intensity “cobra head” lights — and blend in well with their surroundings.

The new Main Street lamppost (lower) stands in contrast to the older, taller, “cobra head” light.

The new ones feature high-efficiency LED lights, which will project a “warm light” at the proper intensity.

They’re equipped to hold a decorative banner and flower basket too.

There will be 20 lights in all. The design was chosen by the Downtown Steering Committee, on recommendations from 2 consulting firms and the Village District Study (which included a historical consultant).

First Selectman Jim Marpe has named a new Downtown Implementation Committee. Next month, they begin implementing the rest of the downtown plan.

Meanwhile, the sidewalk project has moved to the east side of the street. Target date for completion — including some new trees — is the end of September.

Finally, we see the “light” at the end of the tunnel Main Street.

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