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About Those Bike Lanes…

Sandy Rothenberg is an alert “06880” reader, and an even more alert bike rider.

Sandy writes:

There are “Bike Route” signs posted on Compo Road South, from the Post Road to Greens Farms Road. However, the lane is in bad shape. Some places are not wide enough to ride in. The pavement is broken up, and there are other hazards. Also, the lane ends at Greens Farms.

Even the “Bike Route” signs look ratty.

This is not Westport at its finest. Wouldn’t it be be nice to be able to ride safely to the beach?

Yes, it would.

Not inviting to cyclists — but inviting an accident.

Meanwhile, while not as urgent a need as fixing our bike lanes: How about when they’re redone, mark them “Bike Lane” rather than “Lane Bike.” No one reads from the bottom up.

(Photos/Sandy Rothenberg)


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