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“06880” Throws A Blog Party

The weather for the 3rd annual “06880” party yesterday was perfect. The crowd of over 100 was diverse: old and young, Wall Streeters and work-from-homers, 4th-generation Westporters and others who are still unpacking.

Bart Shuldman got up at 4:30 a.m. in Las Vegas to make it back to Westport on time. Mary Lynn Halland spent nearly 3 hours driving from Manhattan, where she lives — it was one of those days — and she’s not even a Westporter.

Strangers made new friends. Folks on both sides of the political aisle laughed together. Everyone marveled at the sunset.

It was just another “06880” day at the beach.

Louise Crowley and Robin Tauck serve Leah Brandfon’s fantastic “06880” cupcakes.

The entire political spectrum was displayed in this happy group (from left): Dee Chapman, Bart Shuldman, Carla Rea, Mary Ann West, Mike Calise, Gail Lavielle, Mike Rea, Maria Fraioli.

Nicole Klein and her son Carter have lived in Westport just over a year, but this is their 2nd “06880” party. Yours truly is delighted they’re here.

If you missed this year’s party — too bad!

We’ll see you next year, right?

(Hat tip to Mary Hoffman and Jennifer Hershey for their great organizational skills!)

A large crowd stayed well after sunset. (Photo/Katherine Hooper)



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