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Hey, Your Lawn Chair Is Blocking My Starbucks!

The parking situation at Starbucks is well known. If had a nickel for every photo I ran of entitled drivers in that lot, I might be able to afford a Venti iced skinny hazelnut macchiato, sugar-free syrup, extra shot, light ice, no whip.

When the Brook Cafe was across Cedar Street, folks parked there. No problem; peak times for coffee-lovers and gay bar-goers never overlapped.

Then the building was torn down. A new one rose in its place. A few parking spots were created on the east side. Starbucks users grabbed them.

That was fine when the building was empty. But now it’s home to, and the owners have decided, logically enough, that they’re not responsible for Starbucks’ overflow parking.

They put up signs. Those had the same effect as the ones reading “No Parking,” “Handicapped Parking Only” and “Hey Dipshits: Stop Parking In the Exit Lane” in the Starbucks lot.

Here’s’s latest solution:

The lawn chairs invite lounging. I’d stay off of them, though.

In their quest for coffee, Starbucks patrons might easily decide those spots are still up for grabs.

(Hat tip and photo credit: Allison Adler)

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